FULL TIME - Jakarta

Kratoon is an Intellectual Property management company that focuses on animation and character development. We have experience in animation industry in Indonesia, and has built our own IP, and also in collaboration with other creators. Our portfolio including: Si Hebring, Meng the Cat, Si Juki, Grey and Jingga, and Budiman.

We are looking for an Animator who will transform our scripts into appealing moving images. You will be working closely with content writer and producer to create video content on our platform.

  • Reading scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements.
  • Preparing and developing storyboards for the initial stages of production.
  • Creating models, drawings and illustrations assets by hand or electronically.
  • Translating illustration and other assets into moving images.
  • Ensure synchronization of frames and audio
  • Editing and final-checking the video content

Minimum qualifications

  • High attention to detail
  • Proficiency in Adobe After Effect
  • Has artistic talent, communication, and storytelling skills
  • Has the ability to work with others and to take direction
  • Able to work under a tight deadline

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Kratoon is a Indonesian animation network for independent animators and artists. Together, we are building the local IP industry through creativity and imagination.

Should you have any question, contact: