Investor Relations Officer

FULL TIME - Jakarta

As a mobile-first country with a big number of internet users, Indonesia has a huge potential in becoming the next leader in the global digital economy. Digitaraya is on a mission to achieve this ambitious dream. Through education and capacity building, we accelerate creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to build meaningful solutions to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. With technology as our core values, we focus on fostering early stage tech startups to help them become a sustainable business, through collaboration with industry stakeholders.


Our growing team is currently looking for an Investor Relations Lead, who will be responsible in building our network of investors to be connected with our startup portfolio. You will be the point of contact for our investors and you will manage communication between them, our startup portfolio, and other related stakeholders.

  • Supporting Investor Relations Lead and Head of Growth to build and implement growth strategy for Digitaraya’s angel investor network.
  • Maintaining correspondence with Digitaraya’s angel investor network, informing them about new events, investment opportunities, etc.
  • Liaising with other teams at Digitaraya and KIBAR to implement programs targeting angel investor community, e.g. Amplifive.

Minimum qualifications

  • 1-2 years experience in project management experience
  • 1-2 years experience leading cross-functional teams
  • Demonstrated experience building and maintaining relationships with clients
  • Demonstrated passion for working in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem
  • Proficiency in Google tools - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive

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Digitaraya is a hub that connects people, place, and program with a mission to bring Indonesia to become the leading player in the global tech ecosystem. We develop knowledge in order to facilitate and push for collaboration between the current tech-for-good movements in Indonesia. We also nurture good quality IT talents to become leaders in Indonesia's tech scene, as well as help Indonesia's entrepreneurs bridge the gap between ideas and businesses.

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